Auto Redi Wipes Stash Safe Can
Auto Redi Wipes Stash Safe Can

Auto Redi Wipes Stash Safe Can

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Auto Redi Wipes Stash Safe Can
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Hidden Safe Can - Auto Redi Wipes

Hidden safe cans are a great way to protect your valuables from thieves and other undesireable types. Simply twist off the lid and insert your most precious items such as cash, coins, jewelry or important documents. Leave the item right where a thief wouldn't look for it: IN PLAIN SIGHT! A thief spends an average of 4 - 6 minutes inside your home. He doesn't have time to look in the pantry at every last can or in the fridge or the bathroom. More likely than not he will go straight for known hiding areas like jewelry boxes, dresser drawers or under the mattress.  This Auto Redi Wipes hidden safe can will be a sure way to fool the thieves into looking elsewhere for your valuables. An easy twist off lid and weighted can assure a natural look and feel to the hidden safe.   

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